<P>The last 3 months, as of August 31, the company either rectification standards, or the closure of the relocation or transfer, overdue do not wait. Yesterday (June 1),aluminum dining and leisure table (Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province) Xingtan held a furniture manufacturing industry renovation work conference to the town of wood furniture enterprises issued an "ultimatum." Shunde City Network reporter learned that the renovation of the furniture industry to enhance the meeting by the Xingtan Economic and Technology Promotion Bureau organized, the joint city supervision, transportation, fire and other departments, for the Xingtan wooden furniture enterprises in a detailed interpretation of the safety of production, occupation Health, environmental protection and fire protection requirements and standards.</P>
<P>Among them, the District Market Supervision Bureau Xingtang Branch Deputy Secretary Ou Guorong wood furniture enterprises prone to the safety of production risks and problems, especially enterprises involved in dust explosion hazards made significant instructions to remind enterprises to strictly in accordance with the district town of the renovation Requirements, supporting the improvement of the corresponding facilities and equipment, standardize the management, to prevent clinging to ensure the full elimination of dust explosion risks,chaise de plage en plastique extérieure en gros or in the event of dust explosion, the loss will be the enterprise can not imagine the heavy. In addition, the circular transport, fire and other departments have also informed the relevant environmental protection and fire rectification standards and requirements.</P>
<P>According to Xingtan town party committee member, economic and science and technology promotion bureau director Huang Hanbiao introduction, since the beginning of 2016, Xingtan comprehensive start furniture manufacturing enterprise renovation work,portable clothes rack dryer six months, Xingtan out of the town about half of the low-end and hidden big Wood products furniture business, the number of more than 200 from the beginning, to the present only more than 100, can be described as achieved remarkable results. And in the remaining more than 100 enterprises, after the pre-trial, about 70 companies have the ability to have through the furniture manufacturing industry renovation and upgrading work.</P>
<P>In this regard, Huang Han standard at the meeting stressed that the ability to meet the standards of more than 70 wood furniture enterprises can actively cooperate with the relevant departments, seriously in accordance with the Xingtan the development of safety, environmental protection, fire remediation requirements and standards, The implementation of rectification work, complete the upgrade,achat de mobilier d'extérieur à prix réduit access to further development and expansion of space. It is worth mentioning that, at present, in accordance with the remediation work plan, leaving the town of wood furniture business rectification time only 3 months, as of August 31, if the enterprise can not meet the Xingtan furniture manufacturing industry to enhance the requirements and standards , Enterprises can only be relocated or rescheduled, there is no love to speak.</P>