<P>For a long time, Shunde furniture industry due to low levels, low threshold, so that the rapid development, and gradually formed a variety of furniture production and furniture materials, furniture display marketing industry chain, some do not have the qualifications of individual and private enterprises have set foot in the furniture industry , Leading to furniture quality and industry out of control. On the one hand,<a href='http://best-beach-beds.com/outdoor-beach-chairs-wholesale/83.html'>folding furniture manufacturer</a> these furniture enterprises to rely on furniture wholesale market, in order to reduce costs, to take low-quality low-cost vicious competition, the use of low-quality materials processing production, resulting in the current quality of furniture products difficult to return. On the other hand, although the local furniture store business is bleak, but these workshop-style enterprises through the wholesale market radiation role, so that a large number of inferior furniture sold throughout the country,<a href='http://best-beach-beds.com/stylish-tavern-tables-and-chairs/2094.html'>outdoor sofa furniture cushions</a> forming a production, supply and marketing industry chain regional quality problems.</P>
<P>Recently, the General Administration of Quality Supervision issued a "national key industrial product quality supervision directory (2016 edition)", wood furniture, children's furniture, these two products at the same time on the list. It is reported that the pass rate has been low sampling is the two types of products are "named" as the focus of supervision and inspection of the main reasons for the object. To this end, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of Shunde District for the furniture industry and the long-term effect of the situation is not obvious,<a href='http://best-beach-beds.com/stylish-tavern-tables-and-chairs/95.html'>rattan garden lounge company</a> the furniture products have been listed as 2016 key product list, from the effective supervision and spot checks effective coverage, scientific and rational identification problem.</P>
<P>At present, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, according to the current supply side of the structural reform is not the focus of the increase in quantity, but the quality of the requirements, with quality improvement to promote the supply side of the reform to promote the quality of the furniture industry to achieve overall jump. On the one hand, we will use the "hard" means to supervise and spot checks to promote the quality of development, by further optimizing the national and provincial linkage supervision and spot checks and the establishment of provincial and municipal product quality supervision and joint action mechanism; through supervision and inspection and linkage check and found serious quality The problem in a timely manner to investigate and deal with, and effectively strengthen the regional quality problems of special rectification, effectively carry out regional product quality improvement.</P>
<P>On the other hand, with the supervision and spot checks of the "soft" means to improve the quality of supply level, will take a random check the way to determine the random sample of the object, to improve the effectiveness of supervision and spot checks, through the introduction of product quality supervision and inspection work, Local government product quality and safety of the total responsibility to promote the implementation of substandard enterprises rectification. At the same time, pay attention to play the sales market Daobao production enterprises,<a href='http://beachchairfrance.com/des-chaises-de-plage/587.html'>chaise longue extérieure de moins de 100 $</a> product quality control system on the downstream materials to establish a sound, so as to strengthen product quality and improve effective supply, not only to form and promote the supervision and inspection work closed-loop working mechanism, and contribute to the furniture industry chain Improve the overall product quality.</P>