<P>"Japan's economic news" reported on May 31, in April each year at the Milan International Furniture Fair (Salone Milano), with the "BRIC countries" and the rise of emerging countries such as Turkey, the Japanese feel more and more The lower. Milan Furniture Fair as the living environment, design, construction and other world's largest trend of the birthplace,zero gravity lounge chair with shade in recent years has become a frequent visitor to the place, but in the furniture market structure and production line, the international power map seems to be re-shuffle.</P>
<P>Milan furniture exhibition on the situation is changing. The number of emerging countries from China, Russia, India, Brazil, Turkey and other countries occupies the forefront of the number of countries in the list. In April 2015, the total number of people in these five countries accounted for 21% of the total, in 2001 only 3%."The number of people is a reflection of the rise and fall of the international economy, a mirror, from which we can see, in the global context,best classic outdoor folding chair the BRIC countries and other emerging countries are emerging," Japan Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art, deputy director of Tongshan Dengshi said , He has been concerned about the Milan Furniture Fair has been more than 30 years.</P>
<P>2016 April Milan Furniture Fair, the Chinese face is particularly attention. Since 2014, China's presence has been the number one every year. On the opening day of April 12,sports and outdoor online store at the media joint meeting of representatives of the interviewers, the events that symbolized the exchange between the old and the new took place: the largest number of Chinese journalists were interviewed, while Japanese, American and German journalists were squeezed in the corner.</P>
<P>"This is a decade ago is completely unimaginable things. Business is really honest, purchasing power determines the treatment of buyers and journalists," the Japanese people can not help but sigh. The change took place in the Lehman crisis in 2008. Between 2008 and 2009, the number of Japanese attendants dropped from 8804 to 4934, from the fifth of the year to the 10th. When the economy of the developed countries is in the doldrums,bistro garden table supplier the number of people is declining, and the ranking of the emerging countries such as the BRICS countries and Turkey has gradually increased, and the international forces have been redesigned.</P>