the 2nd, need active seek transition to upgrade, from the management of extensive type mode change is the administrative pattern of intensive type, from onefold mechanization manufacturing change becomes pattern of the innovation of diversity production, from " small and random " change is " big and strong " ! Such,grey wood pickett fence  nature of wooden estate company is OK in hasten of environmental protection policy severe, industry shuffles the phasic remain after deduction of aggravate comes down alive,

come true even further development! Hainan seventy-three thousand eight hundred mus of forestry reached repair 2017 wet The reporter saves forestry hall know 10 days from Hainan, hainan plan completed resistance moisture decking liverpool seventy-three thousand eight hundred mus forestry and wet zoology repair 2017, rehabilitate of modes of life and relation to their environment of industry of its middle forest sixty-nine thousand three hundred mus, wet zoology rehabilitate 4500 mus. In zoology rehabilitate respect,

system of Hainan province how much is siding for a 2000 sq ft house forestry will begin a typhoon to mar forest land rehabilitate, old incomplete in the round 2017 forest newer, " quadrilateral two areas " (edge of city edge, roadside, village, water edge; Natural groove guard, day protects project area) answer promotion of photograph of green action, low qualitative Lin Lin, mar hill body repair, wet protection and restore, fire prevention of harmful rubber flooring for balconies biological control, forest mixes forestry blow breaks the law violate compasses behavior to wait for the action, ensure the typhoon that finish mars afforestation of forest land rehabilitate 5800 mus.