<P>National BHI and Hunan data of the warmth, which means the market to pick up all? There are practitioners that if the real estate market continues to heat up, then the home building materials market will be the overall warmer. In fact,vente de table de cuisine en acier durable every time the growth of home building materials, are related to the real estate market to pick up. There are also insiders said the current home building materials market to pick up, more seasonal factors.</P>
<P>China Construction Materials Circulation Association executive vice president Qin Zhanxian pointed out that from the national BHI index in April to see its index in the "manager confidence index" "occupancy index" year-on-year decline, which represents the overall market fundamentals are still Inadequate,meubles de table à canapé durables professionnels practitioners still need to rational view.</P>
<P>May point of view, the current sales of better building materials home stores, and more adhere to do the characteristics of marketing. Such as the Red Star Macalline's overall consumer, more than two-thirds of the people are old members, the old members to buy sales accounted for 55.6% of the contribution. Xiying door, actually home and other stores adhere to the "free", "top design center" and other brand activities. Jiang Qi,chaises de camping rabattables rouges à faible coût general manager of the furniture factory in Changsha, said that building materials as a just need, demand has been there, enterprises should be based on changes in consumer demand, while improving the quality, but also to strengthen the personalized custom, diversification.</P>