<p>screwdriver and the hammer to pry the floor from the lock place, so that the floor substrate exposed to a large area, and then smell the nose, a good floor should be the taste of wood, poor Very strong pungent smell! 2, to see good quality to choose a good floor materials, good materials to natural, high density and moderate. Some people think that the higher the better the density of wood-based panels, it </p>
<p>is not true, too high density, the water swelling rate is high, easy to cause changes in size and lead to deformation of the floor. Second, we must rely on advanced flooring production lines and equipment and rigorous process, in order to produce first-class floor. To determine the quality of the floor quality can also be from the quality inspection certificate, and other such as &quot;national quality Mianjian products&quot;, </p>
<p>&quot;ISO9001 quality system certification&quot;, &quot;ISO14001 environmental system certification&quot; and other honorary certificates to measure, because these honors must be made a The result of the refinement of the enterprise. 3, to see service services related to product quality assurance, but also the performance of corporate image. Flooring products in the installation soon after some deformation, from Alice, cracking </p>
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