<P>Should keep the ground clean, develop the habit of cleaning the floor often. When cleaning, first remove the dust and debris, and then wipe with a damp cloth, for a larger area of ​​the bamboo floor, use a clean mop drag the ground. Remember not to use water, usually dripping on the floor, immediately wipe with a rag. Regularly hit the floor to play a special layer of floor care wax, to strengthen the ground protection, but also to keep the floor light, more practical and lasting.</P>
<P>If the sun or rain through the window into the bamboo floor, the long run, will have a hazard to the floor. The sun will accelerate the aging, causing shrinkage and cracking. Long-term absorption of excess water, will cause swelling caused moldy decay.</P> "hanging menu boards for restaurants,композитные производители беседок,terraza y piso compuesto de patio"