<p>Mahogany furniture winter maintenance "four to four do not want" A: winter indoor to increase humidity, so that people and furniture are beneficial. In the room conditions permitting, you can often wet mop cloth to increase the humidity, you can also use the humidifier, but pay attention to the two working hours should not open; if the family has fish, then it is a exterior flexible tiles good way to increase the humidity; the other Introduce an effective method of furniture humidification: plastic sheeting to cover the legs of the furniture leg four feet, put a piece of absorbent plastic sponge or foam to the furniture to replenish water, this method is better than furniture, put aside the aquarium or basin Measures. Second, the move to move furniture to move, so as to avoid leg split the bottom of the foot.</p><p>  Three to: furniture placed to put flat, four legs in a plane.Furniture as a whole to keep vertical with the ground, so as not to cause the furniture as a vinyl shelves for flower boxes whole and the door and other parts of the deformation, eventually resulting in seam slit, detrimental to the life of furniture. Four things: furniture with drawers, a few drops of wax on the bottom of the drawer or drawer (rack) (drawer clogs), which will reduce friction and prolong the service life.</p><p> The best furniture back, also wipe the beeswax inside do not: Do not use a damp cloth to wipe furniture dust. Float the furniture should be the first to gently brush the dust and then wipe with a cotton dry cloth to prevent particles of dust damage to the furniture what product can replace plywood sheets on deck floor surface and not beautiful. Do not: Do not place directly on the high humidity artifacts.</p><p>  Excessive humidity will make moisture Qin mahogany furniture caused by internal mildew, corrosion or cracking, fading and other issues, affecting its service life. Three do not: Do not use chemical brightener, so as not to damage the paint film sticky. In order to maintain the brightness of furniture film, walnuts can be crushed, peeled, and then use three gauze to oil polishing. In addition, the class mahogany furniture panel, if you want to protect the paint film is not scratched, but also want to display decking stockist inscotland the wood texture, you can place a thick glass on the table, and between the glass plate and the wooden table with a small suction pad separated .</p>