<p>when the household product choose and buy with be in normal, a lot of metropolises encounter a such problem, why the accident of real wood floor is differ. Is norms measurement different? Actually the dimension of every floor brand is different mostly,<a href="http://woodpaneling.org/plastic-board/2463.html">pvc wall panels south africa</a> especially real wood floor, a few standards with real wood common floor: 610*125*18, 760*125*18, 910*125*18 dimension of these a few norms is compare on market common. <a href="http://woodpaneling.org/plastic-board/4430.html">wall design with wood finish</a> Still have 300*125*18 of a few dimension, 460*125*18, 510*125*18, the norms measure that actually real wood floor has so much has a reason. </p>

<p>Because be machined with wood and real wood floor is become, and the size of lumber, color is a basis of seat area grow the environment will decide, and some wood are planted resource is in short supply, grow cycle is long,<a href="http://woodpaneling.org/cheap-plank/2705.html">clear plastic deck roof</a> the price is high, so major manufacturer is differentiate lumber first good cut, machine the floor of big norms first,<a href="http://woodpaneling.org/wholesale-deck/4377.html">roof top deck applications</a> the timber that remain machines the floor of small size. The floor price that small norms size should compare like the solid wood floor of big norms dimension on market so wants expensive. </p>