<p>unnecessary losses. 7, before the floor in the floor, the floor sent by the manufacturers to the site, consumers should promptly accept the number of flooring and accessories, quality, specifications, color, grade and so on with the purchase requirements, absolutely can not be ambiguous, ambiguous Before the mind. 8, in the number of floors, the quality of recognition, to determine the laying process, ground </p>
<p>handling requirements, so before the laying of a few minds. 9, as far as possible on-site supervision, that is, side of the laying, while guidance, while the acceptance process. 10, after the completion of the decoration, the last acceptance of recognition, settlement project models, more back less fill. And asked for after-sales service card. 11, pay attention to maintenance of the floor, after the completion of the </p>
<p>floor laying, at least to maintain 24 hours to make it cemented, so that the floor, affecting life. Above is only the general floor to buy, laying the steps. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Was established in 1998, is the German Feilinger Group 's largest overseas investment projects, the main production of laminate flooring. Filinger was founded in 1921 in Baden-W��rttemberg, Germany, more than 80 years to gradually </p>
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