<p>production base in China, the third, four flooring production line was officially put into operation in the year, this year production capacity of 15 million square meters of production base,<a href='http://hardyflooring.co.uk/pvc-fence/5766.html'>using composite decking for basement floor</a> will enable China to become the largest in Asia, Floor manufacturers, and the future of ambitious and its partners in China's production capacity of 50 million square meters, becoming the world's largest manufacturer of laminate flooring.flat roof composite deck materials At this point, the development of macro resistance in China is becoming more clear, that is, by expanding the scale of production to reduce the unit cost to the same price better products to increase market share, so as to achieve </p>
<p>'reasonable price reasonable profits.'<a href='http://deckingboards.org/wpc-decking/981.html'>wpc with coconut shell powder</a> Macro-resistant brand will continue to enhance the enterprise will bring a higher brand appeal. Industrial advantage to determine the competitive advantage With the macro resistance of China President Li Wei's words, the current domestic wood flooring industry, despite the fierce competition, but the level of competition is low. According to Mr. Li Wei's analysis,4x8 outdoor plastic panels competition can be divided into four levels from primary to advanced, namely, product competition, service competition, business model competition and industrial platform competition. At present, most enterprises can only be limited to the first and second </p>
<p>level of competition, because the higher the level of competition on the enterprise's ability to innovate, production capacity and financing capacity requirements are higher.<a href='http://hardyflooring.co.uk/wall-panel/3172.html'>decorative interior wall paneling for marine application</a> High-level competitors have been dissatisfied with the existing needs of users, they are trying to create a new industrial ecosystem, to stimulate the new needs of users. In addition, high-level competition often determines the low-level competition rules of the game,simple compound wall designs and then determine the fate of different players in the game. In other words, companies want to change the fate of the price war, the best way out only one, that is, constantly improve the ability to compete in a higher level. We must </p>