<P>Use the tool to cut a short gap at the short side of the floor to be replaced, then saw the surface of the floor to be sawed with a saw, and then remove the floor into small pieces, but ensure that the surrounding floor is not damaged during the process. After removing the floor, but also the surrounding glue clean, to ensure good cleaning mortise slot for easy installation. If the cleaning is not complete, the joints will be uneven or lax. When dealing with glue, you can use a small piece of the new tenon in the interface sliding back and forth to find the residual rubber and clear to ensure that the repaired floor beautiful.</P>
<P>Remove the lower half of the new floor notches and clean the entire tongue and groove, taking care to reserve some space. The original four weeks around the tenon glue coated with glue, and in the new flooring mortise also coated with glue, and then placed under the gap between the scrap pieces. Insert the corner of the long tongue and the short tongue into the groove of the original four-week floor, and then press the notch side by hand and gently push the wood block with special tools.</P>
<P>Need to be reminded that, before the installation than the new board and the length of the space is consistent, if the new board is long, you can shorten the short is the only alternative for the floor, resulting in wear and tear. The overall re-pavement and no difference when the first pavement, first pry all the original floor, and then re-paved the new floor.</P>
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