<p>installation. Team members need to have years of experience in the construction of the floor to ensure that the construction quality of 100%. Fourth, the material preparation 1, the project ground material for the pvc coil: the requirements of the board smooth, no cracks, uniform color, consistent thickness, and meet the design requirements and the relevant technical standards. 2, the electrode surface should be </p>
<p>smooth, no holes, no nodules, wrinkles, uniform color, electrode composition, performance and floor the same material. 3, the adhesive requirements can be quick-drying, high bond strength, water resistance, environmental non-toxic water-based glue and meet the relevant technical standards. 4, material transport, inventory to be erected, not flat, overlapping stacking, to avoid pvc coil deformation, </p>
<p>shall not be stored in the wet, the sun exposure of the place, to avoid disc color, uneven color. Adhesive should be stored separately, fire, anti-sun exposure. 5, operating conditions 1, roof, wall, and water, electricity, pipeline installation is completed. 2, indoor paint, brush paste, etc. to complete. 3, the grassroots has been completed, no hollowing, cracks from the sand, oil and other phenomena. 4, the indoor </p>
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