<P>See these kind of samples, do not think these are afternoon tea Oh. This is the case, when wiping the floor, add a few drops of salad oil into the water, will wipe the floor more bright. Sour milk with a little vinegar can not only decontamination, but also very bright. In addition, thick juice can be used to wipe the dirt on the paint floor. There is the use of burnt honeycomb ash wipe stains on the kitchen floor, and then to the mop sprinkle vinegar mop the floor, it is easy to remove stains.</P>
<P>You can use boiled gibbsite aqueous solution to clean the oil on the floor, and then smear on the stain with bleaching earth and hot water and into the dough, to be cleaned after a night, if the stain more stubborn can be repeated several times.</P> "outdoor furniture in wpc floor,vinyl decking membrane reviews,раздвижная система прохода "