<p>Indicating that the floor is not antibacterial or antibacterial is very poor. PVC plastic floor top ten brands.Strengthen the composite floor, also known as strengthening the floor, with a beautiful, wear-resistant, stable performance, etc., is a home improvement commonly used decorative materials. Here we have a small family to detail the advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring. Strengthen the advantages </p>
<p>of composite flooring 1, beautiful: available computer simulation of a variety of wood grain patterns and floor color. 2, wear: really meet the national standard reinforced laminate flooring is about 10 to 30 times more than ordinary paint floor. 3, stability: completely broken up the original timber organization, destruction of the anisotropy and wet expansion and contraction characteristics, the size is very stable. </p>
<p>Especially for the room to warm the system. 4, in addition, strengthen the composite floor there are impact resistance, pollution resistance, light resistance, anti-static, simple maintenance, easy installation, resistance to burning cigarettes. Strengthen the composite floor defects 1, blisters can not be damaged after damage, foot feel worse. 2, strengthen the composite floor does not have the effect of waterproof. </p>
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