<P>The level of security: Preservative wood preservatives on the timber harmful to various strains of insects to have high toxicity, but at the same time it should be low or non-toxic to humans and animals, the environment will not cause pollution or damage. As people are concerned about the environment and sustainable development, efficient and environmentally friendly compound wood preservatives deserve due attention. Harmful damage to wood:</P>
<P>Wood preservative antiseptic wood preservative treatment, the mechanical strength of wood, good texture and pleasing color to not affect the degree of its use is appropriate.Persistence and stability of good or bad: wood preservatives should have a more stable chemical properties, it is injected into the wood, it is not volatile, easy to drain, lasting to maintain the appropriate toxicity.</P> "plastic trim board and canada,second hand caravan decking on ebay,низкий уровень обслуживания наружного ограждения "