<P>In fact, the floor worms are largely due to the lack of rigorous home decoration. As the home renovation process will use a lot of wood board, particle board and other materials, there are many wooden furniture structure, encountered the right temperature and humidity, coupled with the processing prior to the absence of professional pest control, it is easy to grow insects . The most vulnerable to insects is wood, timber flooring will undoubtedly become the first choice against insect infestation. Therefore, when the wood floor when the insects, we must first figure out where the worm in the end, only control the source of insects, in order to effectively rule pests.</P>
<P>Of course, there is another reason why the floor worms are actually drilled under the wooden floor, but not necessarily the fault of the wooden floor. Many consumers pays attention to their own quality when paving the wooden floor, but often neglects the quality of the wooden keel. If the wooden keel moisture content is too high or the wood itself does not do the pest treatment, it may also lay hidden dangers.</P> "decking compuesto irlanda,деревянные полы для бассейна,distributors of bear board plastic lumber "