<p>Bamboo flooring is a new type of architectural decoration material, which uses natural high-quality bamboo as raw material. After more than 20 steps, the bamboo puree juice is stripped off, pressed  free plans 2 foot tall wood border fence around your flowers  under high temperature and high pressure, then through multiple layers of paint and finally dried by infrared rays . Bamboo floor quiet and delicate color, gives the cool touch, there is a fresh and refined feeling. This issue introduces you to bamboo floor guide. Bamboo flooring basic knowledge
Suitable for home decoration: bedroom, study, gym, Japanese and room, etc., can be used as floor heating floor. High-end office buildings: including offices, conference rooms, reception rooms, showrooms and so on. High-grade commercial buildings: including business hall, monopoly counters.</p><p> Bamboo flooring can also be used for wall decoration. Moisture-proof treatment  Inexpensive Ideas for Decorating Decks  of poor buildings on the ground floor and basement, often touching the ground (kitchen, balcony, etc.), large indoor public places, public access, etc. not suitable for pavement bamboo flooring. </p><p>Production process Bamboo (also known as bamboo) �� cut off �� repair outside the bamboo section �� open �� go inside the section �� bamboo double-sided planing (to bamboo green, bamboo yellow) �� cooking  Porch Flooring Manufacturing Plant  (pest control, mildew treatment) Packaging Market Status Bamboo flooring is very popular in Europe</p><p> North America and Southeast Asia. There may be some misunderstandings among domestic consumers about bamboo flooring, Floor life is short and moisture-proof moth performance is poor, and some worry that the use of adhesives may lead to formaldehyde, in fact, through modern technology have  Korea Wpc Floor  been to solve these problems, to meet the national standards of bamboo flooring and solid wood flooring in the use of performance is not Too big gap.</p>