<P>1, the ground moisture treatment methods generally use "three oil two felt" (three asphalt two linoleum paper, and then wipe a layer of cement above to prevent the release of harmful gases); simple method is to shop a layer of moisture-proof membrane. A keel on the bottom floor, the floor should be environmentally friendly blockboard or environmentally friendly multi-layer plywood.</P>
<P>2, floor flooring above the floor, the floor between the tree species should be based on the expansion coefficient of the floor, the width of the floor, the actual moisture content of the floor and the regional equilibrium moisture content of scientific and rational reservation gap.</P>
<p>3, some consumers listen to businesses "invincible waterproofing" ads, like rubbing the floor as rub the floor, the result did not take long, the floor from the drum, take shape, beyond recognition. For such advertisements, consumers must not be fooled: as long as the wooden floor afraid of water, cleaning must use semi-dry cloth friction.</p> "contratista de instalación de vallas compuestas,преимущество наклона и наклона,the characteristics of wood plastic composite material "