<p>value of 1.8 billion. Wood is covered with treasure.<a href='http://deckingboards.org/wpc-decking/229.html'>black composite fencing</a> Shangzhi Shi wood deep processing of sawdust produced in the past were piled into hills in the factory, hired to remove. Today, the city vigorously develop black fungus and other fungal cultivation industry, cultivation has reached 1.3 billion bags, sawdust as black fungus cultivation essential 'bag' raw material, has become a precious bacterium farmers. At present, various types of wood processing enterprises in Shangzhi have been developed to more than 1000 (Shangzhi Wood Manufacturers Daquan), deep processing of wood products up to more than 100 varieties,attaching a vinyl railing to wooden post is expected this year will reach 5.2 </p>
<p>billion yuan in industrial output value,<a href='http://a-wooddeck.com/floor/4743.html'>how to stagger decking boards</a> sales revenue of 5 billion Yuan or so, the product exports reached 50%. Northeast Network October 21 (Reporter Gu Shuo) A few days ago, Heilongjiang Administration of Industry and Commerce commissioned Heilongjiang Province wood-based panels and logs lumber product quality supervision and inspection station of Yichun, Hegang, Qiqihar, Jixi 66 distribution units and other sales 54 batches of wood-based panels and 40 batches of flooring were quality-monitored. According to GB18580-2001 'interior decoration materials,railing road ties quebec formaldehyde emissions from wood-based panels and their products,' GB / T5849-</p>
<p>2006 'blockboard' and other standards require that the formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels, flooring products, static song Strength, core quality, nail holding force, stripping, bonding strength,<a href='http://a-wooddeck.com/deck/5667.html'>best wood for second floor</a> water thickness expansion rate, surface wear resistance, surface bonding strength and other projects were tested. After testing, wood-based panels qualified 5 batches, the passing rate of 9.3%, 49 batches failed,alternatives to trek decking railing the failure rate of 90.7%. The test, formaldehyde emission exceeded 15 batches, accounting for 27.8% of the sampling panel. The highest value of 58mg / 100g plate, exceeding the allowable value (8mg / 100g plate) 7.25 times. Floor qualified 16 </p>