<p>Before laying floor tiles, it is best to cover the cement surface with Kraft paper or plastic cloth, and try to keep it away from water to prevent damp or clotted into blocks. In addition, after the shop  heated outdoor on composite decking floor tiles, can not immediately stampede, should set the board for easy access. Analysis of the results: Compared with the floor tiles paving complex, more complicated construction. </p><p>[Tile maintenance] good maintenance, but prone to black seam, scratch obvious, bad all have changed. Floor tiles with a long time because it is not easy to clean and care and there are black seam, floor tiles and floor tiles because of scaling  cedar resistance moisture paneling c and getting darker, not only affect the appearance and affect health. In particular, a piece of broken floor needs to be replaced completely, which is very wasteful. Analysis of results: the floor needs regular maintenance, easy to deform after flooding; tile daily cleaning and maintenance is relatively simple and convenient. </p><p>[Floor tile environmental protection] Although the floor tiles with natural radioactivity, the human body has some damage, but in recent years, most of the tiles have reached the national health standards within the limits. Analysis of results: there is a certain formaldehyde release ordinary floor, individual tiles will have radioactive contamination. Adapt to the climate tile floor tiles can adapt to the climate in northern North China. Result Analysis: Floor tiles are more adaptable to climate change than the floor. Floor tiles can be used as in the living room, room, etc., although there is no warm wooden floor, but some glazed, polished floor tiles are more inclined to give a high-end, atmospheric feeling, if it is in the  pc advantage composite decking c bathroom and kitchen, Relatively humid environment, floor tiles is ease. Analysis of results: some humid areas do not recommend the use of wooden floor.</p>