<p>countries imported sets of floor production lines 18, is a Sino-Canadian joint venture, controlled by the Chinese side. Del flooring to promote the &quot;hunting aldehyde&quot; technology, green products, the Asia-Pacific region is the largest production and operation of one of the wood flooring. 9, Hong resistance floor macro resistance group has the world's leading German full set of wood flooring production </p>
<p>equipment and technology, creating a wood flooring industry, &quot;first of all, to the floor of the brand, Pay &quot;the service precedent, after-sales service system is perfect. Product environmental performance is better, sales network throughout the country. 10, Yangzi Flooring Yangzi Flooring Co., Ltd. is one of the largest enterprises in China's flooring industry. It is one of the drafting units of the national standard of </p>
<p>the flooring industry. The moisture content of the Yangtze flooring products is good, the price is moderate, the price is high, the market is very popular, Which is to become the top ten brands to strengthen the floor of the biggest factor. The above content is home to introduce you to strengthen the floor of the top ten brand list, you want to strengthen the floor to buy to help, for more information to strengthen </p>
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