<p>to strengthen the floor and the composite floor of the distinction between points and common ground, I believe you have seen the enhanced floor PK composite floor, you already know what needs to buy the floor of the bar! For more Floor knowledge, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Floor to buy the most afraid of is to buy low-quality floor, a waste of money is followed, </p>
<p>afraid to install a poor floor will affect the future of home life and family health. Here we have introduced a number of home to strengthen the quality of some good quality of the identification method to help you choose to strengthen the quality of the floor. First, the smell of cross-section in the floor using the file friction, so that the cross-section of the heat is full of formaldehyde volatilization (formaldehyde in 25 </p>
<p>degrees Celsius above will accelerate the release, while you can smell some irritating taste), this time you can smell, To three different levels of taste. The first kind: pungent taste If it is such a taste of the floor, indicating that contains a lot of formaldehyde, the choice of time need to be careful, it is best not to buy. The second kind: can not ask the taste, the floor of the domestic price of 200 yuan or more. The third: </p>
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