<P>The environmental performance of wood flooring is a common concern of consumers, the first consideration when choosing the floor should be the environmental protection of the product, followed by the other properties of the product, as well as the price. The environmental performance of wood flooring can be verified by checking whether there is a relevant green certificate to see if the floor is an eco-friendly product.</P>
<P>Select a good wooden floor to pay attention to five points: First, look at the appearance, check for color and cracks; Second, see the floor waterproofing, dripping see whether the water seepage into the ground; Third, check the stain resistance, with oil pen on the floor after writing Wipe to go, if the handwriting is obvious that stain resistance is poor; look at the degree of wear and tear, with hard objects on the surface back and forth to see whether to leave a scratch; five see splicing, good after the splicing should be embedded in the floor, and Small gap.</P> "solid composite front floors usa,tablones superiores de la cerca de la teja,decking roof terrace "