<p>frame and the fan are assembled, the mortise and tenon groove shall be tightly fitted. The glue shall be cemented and tightened with a glue wedge. Wood clad door window frame and the wall should be filled full. 3. The wooden frame should be straight and the wound should be smooth. Switch to flexible, no inverted Alice phenomenon. 4, wood aluminum doors and windows hardware installation location, slot </p>
<p>neatly, all kinds of hardware, using wood screws, do not use nails instead. Wooden doors and windows with aluminum water, cover, tongue seam, sealing strip installed uniform size, combined with solid wood aluminum doors and windows. 5, wood aluminum doors and windows coated with paint or coating surface should be smooth, smooth, no brush marks, color consistency, no leakage, coated sand, </p>
<p>stains and other defects flow. Brief introduction of aluminum wood doors and windows and purchase points, small house is introduced to here, hope to help you choose wood aluminum doors and windows, doors and windows for more knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.</p>
<p>reclaimed tongue and groove outdoor decking<br />
papan pendakap plastik murah<br />
Inexpensive High Stability Composite Decking</p>