<P>Phenomenon: After the wood floor paving, walking creak creak noise, or the occurrence of single-sound squeeze cracking sound. Analysis of the reasons: the concrete foundation is not smooth, the distance between the mats is too large, the keel pillow is too high and so on, which makes the mats often move loosely, the keel elasticity increases and the up-and-down displacement occurs.</P>
<P>Keel pavement moisture content is too high, the water content gradually reduced after drying, while reducing the nail holding power of wood, keel installation loosening; concrete base moisture content is too high, not paved with moisture barrier or moisture barrier is not the overall seal , Keel moisture absorption, moisture content increases, the occurrence of distortion, keel installation loosening;</P>
<P>Keel material density is too low or cross-sectional area is too small, causing nail strength is not enough, the diameter of the nail is too small, the length is too short, the keel pavement roughness does not meet the requirements, resulting in insufficient installation of solidity; wood flooring tenon and groove due to climate change wood When the floor is wet and dry, the mortise and groove are separated and ineffective. When the floor is too wet, it will rub against each other when wet and swollen.</P>
<P>Climatic over-drying of the wooden floor, the keel grip nail weakened wood flooring mortise joints loose, excessive moisture to make the wooden floor horizontal expansion, resulting in a slight expansion of the extrusion arch, the keel fixed loose, also make grip nails weaken; The installation process is not standardized.</P> "wooden roof for balcony,garden outdoor decking solid,composite wood fencing supplier "