<P>There are a variety of floor care products on the market, it is best not to wax. Wax oil only in the floor surface layer of protective film, and prone to ground slippery. Oleoresin oil resin products is the preferred choice, these products can nourish the interior of the floor, to prevent the emergence of cracked paint; the best time to do seasonal care every year.</P>
<P>Relative to the solid wood flooring, laminate flooring is afraid of erosion by moisture and drums. In summer, it is necessary to control the water vapor content of the air, avoiding large amounts of water while wiping the floor. The floor slightly self-repair drum, if the situation is more serious, it is best to ask professionals to adjust, maintenance should be carried out at constant humidity. In general, it is normal for drums or fissures to occur in the first year after the floor is installed, and the probability of such a situation occurring after one year is much lower.</P> "how to make a bench for a fire pit,exterior wood stairs,affordable wpc deck boards "