<P>When wiping the wooden floor, add a few drops of salad oil in the water to make the floor very bright. Or sour milk with a little vinegar, not only decontamination, but also very bright rub. In addition, the dirt on the paint floor, available thick tea juice to wipe. Wipe the stains on the kitchen floor with the burnt honeycomb ash, and then sprinkle some vinegar on the mop to wipe the floor, it is easy to get rid of stains.</P>
<P>Oil stains on wooden floors such as greases can be cleaned with boiled gibbish alkali solution and then the dough is covered with a dough of bleached earth and hot water and kept overnight for cleaning and repeated if necessary .
Leave traces on the wooden floor, sprinkle some eggs in the sticky salt, after 10-15 minutes to sweep the floor, the traces of the egg is easy to remove.</P> "composite round fence post,commercial fence installation cost,wooden flooring on terrace "