<p>you buy the floor without wasting money. For more knowledge of wood flooring purchase, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Quality of flooring and decoration materials and decoration materials, decoration and other related, as decoration owners, in order to achieve good decoration quality, first of all you have to learn supervision. Most owners are now decorated white, </p>
<p>supervisors do not understand the decoration. Then come in to understand the under floor pavement supervisor knowledge, supervisor work at home. Part1: Pre-Shop Environmental Inspection Sweeping Obstacles to Decoration Before paving, comprehensive inspection of the paved environment is an important link to ensure the quality of the pavement. If the floor is laid under unfavorable environment, the </p>
<p>floor will be easy to use after a period of use A variety of quality problems. The so-called speed is not up, so before starting paving, let us fully understand what environmental conditions in order to achieve the requirements of paving the floor. step1: ground flatness inspection First of all, to be flat on the floor to be ground floor inspection, you can use 2M by foot flat on the ground inspection, with a 3mm thick </p>
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