<p>moment. You and other trades are not as good as yours. <a href='http://bonusplastics.in/fence/4910.html'>composite decking commercial plaza</a>. So how do we think, we want to develop new products, new products without competitors, I get something out of today there is no competition, the day after tomorrow I develop new products, so you have talent, you want new products. For me, I BMW car interior 70,000, 140,000 cubic meters, how much bamboo flooring? Is eight thousand, but I can not afford this 140,000 I,can you use composite decking for bar top we still rely on the floor to feed, but we have been developing, but small businesses can not afford, we are still a small bamboo flooring industry, which is also present Some questions. However, as we all continue our </p>
<p>efforts, the media continue to publicize, expand the market, increase the price of bamboo and then re-protect the wood for us. Lin just talked about the brand differentiation, quality improvement is very important,<a href='http://bonusplastics.in/fence/1272.html'>lowes wood decking tiles</a> we also focus on brand differentiation, brand, quality improvement to talk about it? We hope to cultivate the market through media propaganda, that is to cultivate consumers, if you do not cultivate him,exterior wood starbucks he does not know bamboo flooring, he think your product is the same with other products, you the product 130, 100 people , I think there is no difference, of course, consumers do not that cheap. Some factories over there do not understand the </p>
<p>local climate, all shrink, so people say you this bamboo flooring is not enough, so the market will die. Homogenization of the flooring industry is serious,<a href='http://shaadighar.in/wall-board/3890.html'>deck rain proofing ideas horizontal slats</a> the market sales of floor products is not a big difference, please present the distinguished guests to explore the differences in product differentiation on the competitive advantage of what experience can share with you? When it comes to the issue of homogeneity, we naturally think of intellectual property.free standing fence panels uk Many of the things invented by many of our enterprises do not pay attention to protection, do not apply for the protection of intellectual property rights, and start to have products now. You feel </p>