<P>1, Pai Shui: wooden floor water surface, if we do not promptly deal with, it will lead to discoloration of the floor, resulting in water stains and cracks and so on. Of course, the service life will be shortened, so we should promptly wipe and keep it dry.</P>
<P>2, repair damaged surface treatment: If the floor is damaged locally, do not need sanding, we only need to clean the surface, to be dried, with the original brushing wood wax oil in the damage at the local recoating again.</P>
<P>3, regular refurbishment: If you take into account the aforementioned aging factors, or the frequent wear of public parts of the factors, Xiaobian or recommended for large flow of public places in the wood flooring, paint once every six months to re-wax. When re-waxing, first clean the floor surface, without grinding, brushing directly on the surface on the line.</P> "composite slip board fencing,reka bentuk dek komposit rumah,composite company in usa "