<p>floor selection 1, not the most expensive, it is best; the most expensive, not necessarily the best; 2, not the lowest price, it is affordable; the lowest price, certainly not Good; 3, solid wood may not be noble; noble may not be expensive; 4, natural may not be environmentally friendly; environmental protection does not mean no pollution; 5, high-tech may not be true; the real floor are Is flawed. </p>
<p>Through the above introduction, I believe we already know what is the ecological floor and laminate flooring now!Although the price of wear-resistant floor flooring expensive, but the wear resistance is very good, and durable, won the favor of many consumers. detail below we wear-resistant floor construction technology, we wear floor installation reference. First, the wear-resistant floor </p>
<p>construction process 1, the first time to spread the total 2/3, with polished disc compaction rubbing hair; 2, the second spread the total amount of 1/3, with a trowel disc Compaction scrub hair; 3, after initial setting, calender again with a calender; 4, check the sprinkler after the flatness of the low-lying place in time to adjust the poker, and then compaction rubbing wool, trowel ; 5, before </p>
<p>dark brown composite porch railing<br />
cheapest floor covering options floor<br />
black pvc front floors</p>