<P>1, keep the floor dry and clean, do not allow water to mop mop or scrub with alkaline water, soapy water, so as not to damage the brightness of paint, damage to the film. In case of ash available dry mop or wring wet mop wipe. Wax once a month (or two months) (wipe water vapor and stain before waxing).</P>
<P>2, in case of heating or other leaking on the ground, it must be promptly cleaned, can not be directly exposed to the sun or electric baking, so as not to dry too fast, cracking the floor.</P>
<P>3, paint the floor for a long time, should not be covered with plastic sheets or newspapers, paint over time will be sticky, tarnished, and avoid the hot water pot, hot rice cooker and other objects directly on the floor, Apply wood or straw mat to avoid scorching the paint.</P> "flooring for rainy patio,where to buy cheap composite fence,buy cheap composite decking online "