<p>being a brand outside China and we have been trying our best to support this price There's an industry association in our industry, and we had a white paper event at this show last year. We can not guarantee it,<a href='http://bonusplastics.in/deck/1169.html'>compound wall images residence</a> but we want to make sure members in the association stick to this bottom line, but let some New companies and businesses that do not know the rules pull down the price, so that we can pull the price down in two years. Today we sit here and talk about this issue, we start from here, we start from this show, we must stick to it, or in the end, it becomes a shuffle, for perseverance,how to replace the slats on my bench greece it neither The market has no experience of enterprises, they </p>
<p>eliminated. The inevitable conditions for the survival of enterprises, first, if you want to survive your business, you want your brand, you want your network, network, brand, there is scale,<a href='http://shaadighar.in/wall-board/6713.html'>fastening wood to concrete</a> can play the size effect. The second, maybe you do not have a brand, no network, but you have a unique product, people can not imitate and copy. The third one, you have resources, non-renewable resources. What many of us lack of this thing the only means of competition is what? You have no technology, no new products, no research and development, no new products into the market,white upvc flat door panel with a foam core there is no right to price premiums, what price to sell, we all should know </p>
<p>this, I also know, so that the company's future direction of development, the market Competition is unavoidable, but depends on how you set the direction from the development rules of various industries, <a href='http://shaadighar.in/green-decking/5409.html'>light weight waterproof decking</a>the oil and steel industry must eventually be integrated, and now we see that the wood flooring, not to mention bamboo flooring, wood flooring Integration, the first decade began to shuffle, we do not know what shuffle,flooring stockist in johannesburg do not know how to wash, and now know that the country has condensed a decade of business upgrades, two taxes merger, to your domestic and foreign enterprises a trade Between the income tax increased by 6 points, these 6 points, </p>