<p>Help you out of the wooden villa to understand errors: Many people still remain in the understanding of the wooden building, not sturdy, flammable and damp level, in fact, the real wooden villa is not the case, the following for your  composite fence panels rock  interpretation of the real wooden villa. Flammable wooden villa For wood, the first reaction in people's minds is flammable. Different factors will cause the burning of wooden villas and burning. In fact, for the flammable wooden villas are biased. Wooden villa is made from a lot of logs. In fact, it is not easy to light a log and it is only when the log becomes very small that it can ignite. Wooden villas are usually coated with firewood on the logs.</p><p> It is like wearing a fire-resistant clothing, can directly cut off the contact between the wooden villa and the fire. The people who died due to the fire are generally due to the flammable material contained in the home decoration, asphyxiation caused by the soot and smoke  reviews on vinyl stair railing  immediately after burning. After continuous research, our country wooden fireproof materials have very strict standards. Wooden villa is easy to decay deterioration Most people think that the wooden villa due to the wood, so after a long period of sun and rain will be metamorphic, resulting in wooden villa corrosion can not live. In fact, wooden villas are made from logs.</p><p> Logs of particularly long service life, not only durable long service life, there is a good anti-moth. Modern science and technology more and more developed, wooden villa in today's society to  alternative wpc decking import ireland  add preservatives, it will increase the durability of wooden villas. To ensure the safety of our use. Wooden villa is not strong as the wooden villa is made of wood. So in the firm and the toughness should be stronger. The wooden villa itself is a light-weight building because the box structure of the wooden villa divides all the effort.</p><p> Even in a major earthquake can also occur through the displacement of the structure to ensure that the wooden house elastic reset collapse will not occur in winter wood villa will be very cold wood is a good insulator, with conductivity. Wooden villa insulation than the average solid wall more than 3 times more. Whether in the cold winter or in the hot summer. Wooden villas can ensure the appropriate temperature  4x4x8' waterproof plastic timber  inside the house, with a wooden villa is like having a natural energy-saving device, so that we live in the spring breeze bathing weather.</p>