<p>Germany are the main origin. <a href='http://deckingcomposite.org/decking/10917-2x6-or-2x8-for-decking.html'>2x6 or 2x8 for decking</a>With the 2008 Olympic Games approaching, China's demand for sports flooring will be greatly increased. According to the statistics of the China Forest Products Industry Association floor branch, the development of China's gymnasiums and parquet has only gradually increased in recent years. There are only about twenty or thirty manufacturers in our country who produce sports floorboards,advantage of high wall fence of which there </p>
<p>are less than ten in the whole country.<a href='http://deckingcomposite.org/composite/5649-rustic-pavilion-pictures.html'>rustic pavilion pictures</a> Although this figure is very small compared to thousands of manufacturers of solid wood flooring, but because of the production of sports wood flooring technology and raw materials have high requirements,composite decking suppliers nottingham so although a small number, but these sports flooring manufacturers still have Must be competitive. For example, Dalian Sen Sen Wood Co., Ltd. is China's production of stadiums and wood </p>
<p>flooring with a leader.solstice composite decking canada The company has passed the DIN international certification and FIBA ​​FI? BA certification, the production of the Thousands of floor is the only China Association of Basketball Association and CBA league sports flooring. Li Bing, sports facilities and standard office engineer of the General Administration of Sport of China,<a href='http://deckingcomposite.org/panel/9128-low-cost-decking.html'>low cost decking</a> is also concerned with the standard of sports wooden flooring. He said that once there is a </p>