<p >performance of the floor. When selecting the floor, the first consideration should be the environmental protection of the product, and the second is the other performance of the product. And price. You can see if there is a related green certificate to confirm whether the floor is an environmentally friendly product. ?After - sales service : The WPC decking generally requires professional installation personnel to use special tools for installation , so the consumer must ask </p>
<p >whether the merchant has a professional installation team , and whether a formal warranty certificate and a warranty card can be provided . ??Buy WPC decking must know ?If you choose wpc decking, you can have the fashion gorgeous white-collar Beauty, of course you can also be respected classical elegance, you can also choose to enjoy the ideal beautiful. Choose WPC decking is to choose a way of life. ?Just you in the choice of WPC decking is </p>
<p >ignoring something? ?The floor is often our group of people do not pay much attention to the corner, usually do not collect relevant information and knowledge of the industry, so when we use. If all kinds of problems, we often feel helpless. Therefore, easy to overlook the small finishing out the following in the wood when enough, hope to help. ?1, the decorative layer wood flooring is an important manifestation of the floor color. So directly to the visual impact is </p>

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