<p >technology: ?The bottom floor of the floor is added with a 2 mm pearl accent pad , but a little innovation , but it is not very meaningful . The best effect of the light pad is to mute and bring a peace to the home , but you won ' t creep up because of fear of disturbing others . It also increases the elasticity of the floor . This makes the comfort of the floor close to the solid wood floor to a certain extent , and the moisture - proof function of the floor can be ignored . ?4-</p>
<p >directional V-slot ?The V-groove design is a subtle chamfer on the sides of the panels, creating a subtle V-shaped flare when the panels are joined together. Now more use of WPC flooring there are U-groove R-groove, V-groove floor is relatively good three-dimensional sense, U-groove floor Tau mouth wear layer, the groove is relatively shallow, difficult to hide, R Groove wood floor flatter mouth, more decorative effect of the atmosphere, and this floor is </p>
<p >used in the 4-direction V-groove, taking into account the practicality at the same time, but also create a good visual effect. 4-way V-groove floor and the floor between the seemingly interval effect, more three-dimensional. ???Wear resistance ??A major advantage of wood-plastic flooring is wear resistance, which is because the outermost surface of the WPC floor has a layer of wear-resistant layer is the wear-resistant layer evenly on the surface of the WPC </p>

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