<p>the overall contract mode of refractories also has some drawbacks If it will be a number of individual products, but the overall weakness of the total capacity of the manufacturers can not be excluded from  Vinyl Fence Gate South Africa the list of qualified suppliers; the use of standards often occur disagreement, especially in the production process, the judge refractory products off the assembly line, steel The factory is based on safety production, while the supplier is based on the longest life expectancy, maximize efficiency as the goal.</p> <p> Some people think that this problem can be solved only when clearly stated in the contract. In fact, this  removal of railings problem is often not handled well in practice. There is a certain waste in the process of use is also a drawback of the overall contract. Due to the strong position of steel mills, there must be non-economic activities in production.</p> <p> The causes of waste are due to technological reasons or human factors. Some steel companies and suppliers have various responsibilities assigned to the agreement, but there are still some problems. In addition, this model led to the iron and steel enterprises to test new products, the introduction of enthusiasm weakened. After the steel mills locked the cost of steel refractories and the use of refractory materials, the introduction of refractory new products wpc solid decking parking areas  was no longer so positive.</p>