<p>texture arc design, so that the best value for the sliding coefficient, so that athletes have a better activity for the start, pedal jump, slide, brake, etc. A variety of professional and dramatic technical action to provide explosive elastic dynamic structure. 3, simple pavement according to the needs of users at random pavement, and not subject to the size of the venue, moving more convenient. 4, </p>
<p>easy to clean PVC surface has the ability to exclude external pollution, if the surface contamination, with a mop can easily be cleaned, too dirty available floor cleaning agent for cleaning, maintenance, cleaning and low cost. 5, the use of safety PVC sports floor is divided into different layers, each layer has a different function, for the movement to bring a reliable guarantee to minimize the injury of </p>
<p>the athletes. PVC sports floor, five major characteristics, over a small family to share finished, I hope everyone understand the PVC sports floor helpful.pvc sports flooring is a common floor in our life, it is green, sports performance, a wide range of applications. Recently finishing pvc sports floor installation Raiders, following to share with you, for everyone pvc sports floor installation reference! </p>
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