<p>power, bactericidal power and shine and other characteristics, designed for home floor cleaning. Let's work together to understand the characteristics of floor cleaners and methods of use. First, the characteristics of the floor cleaner 1, glitter unique bright factor, which can effectively keep the floor surface bright and clear; 2, excellent cleaning ability can effectively clean all kinds of dirt on the </p>
<p>floor surface, so that the surface brighter; 3, Ability to effectively kill germs, to avoid cross-infection of bacteria crowd; 4, after the aromatic cleaning, sustainable fragrance; 5, green does not contain any phosphorus-containing substances, and heavy metals; Second, the use of floor cleaners 1 Highly concentrated formula: When used can watertight 80-160 times, mopping the floor can be used, no </p>
<p>need to cross the water again. For stubborn dirt, available cloth dipped in a small amount of this product can be wiped clean. 2, do not let children contact; 3, do not swallow; accidentally into the eyes, please wash with plenty of water, and immediate medical treatment. Floor cleaning agent characteristics and methods of use, over a small family to share finished, I hope we understand the floor </p>
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