<p>lowes water proof wpc deck boards<br />
4mm pvc foam board denmark<br />
horse fence wood posts</p>
<p >WPC flooring became their first choice. Today, the surveyors take you netizens together to see a very beautiful product seven really simple style JC01 German gray teak wood plastic floor.Detailed evaluation:Notched smooth production wellObserve the side of this section of the floor, you can see the substrate from the notch tight, with nail hard buckle, </p>
<p >there will be no sawdust fell, good quality. The number of single-chip notches are also quite consistent, high degree of fit.    Lock stitchingThis product is designed as a lock stitching, this assembly can be achieved free plastic pavement, environmental performance better, the assessors were free to sample two products stitching and found that it is </p>
<p >connected after the very close, vertical With the following one will not fall, even with both hands pull, the two boards will not be separated, the lock is solid.Four sides chamfered sides waterproofFor wood-plastic floor, his surface is very waterproof, but if the joints are not close, then water infiltration into the substrate, it will have an impact on the floor. </p>