<p>and use Get continuous improvement, improvement and improvement; According to the board of the perfect process and quality changes can be divided into generation board, second generation board, third generation board, fourth generation board. Four, clay sound insulation fire board with natural clay, wollastonite, diatomaceous earth, inorganic adhesives, fiber reinforced by the use of cloth production heating </p>
<p>gasification made of high quality fire retardant decorative materials. Good product to solve the decoration of interior and exterior decoration problems, with green, energy saving, no radiation, no pollution, fire, insulation, sound insulation, high strength, no moisture, light weight, , No deformation and other advantages. Divided knowledge of the classification of wall panels, over home to share here, I hope you </p>
<p>understand the partition wall help, different materials partition board, use different suggest that you choose according to demand. For more knowledge of partition board, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Lightweight partition board is a commonly used home decoration building materials, it is an appearance like the hollow floor of the same wall material, but it has male and </p>
<p>4 bench wooden slats<br />
floor cover over decking cable railing<br />
size of wood dustbin</p>