<p>The development of low-carbon aluminum doors and windows does indeed contain enormous opportunities. Of course, there are not only many favorable conditions for this but also many difficult challenges. We should see the "machine" of scientific development from the "crisis" of the traditional model, lay the foundation for the development of the industry and ideological and  Pergola Fiberglass Cover theoretical foundation, and welcome the full innovation stage of the aluminum alloy door and window industry. Boost the development of new aluminum alloy doors and windows of low-carbon economy to energy change as the center, involving a wide range of industries and fields.</p> <p> Internationally accepted carbon reduction economic and industrial system, including low-carbon products, low-carbon  vinyl boards 2x6 from Berlin technologies, building energy efficiency, industrial energy saving and recycling economy, resource recovery, environmental protection equipment and energy-saving materials.</p> <p> Some developed countries have formulated a number of regulatory policies in light of the characteristics and development status of the building materials industry to encourage the building materials industry to develop into a low-carbon economy. We can actively draw lessons from their successful experiences and apply them to the development of our aluminum alloy doors and windows industry. Effective control of resource consumption, and vigorously promote the development and utilization of new types of aluminum alloy doors and windows in China. To adjust and optimize the structure is to rapidly increase the proportion of advanced productive forces and speed up the elimination of backward enterprises. Aluminum alloy doors and windows industry to take a lower carbon economy development path is through a series of technological innovations to promote energy-saving emission reduction and the development of  how to make bench in vinyl pool circular economy.</p>