<p>flame-retardant polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels with sound-absorbing thermal insulation properties, and the plate material is uniform, flexible, toughness, abrasion resistance, impact container floor boards suppliers malaysia resistance, tear resistance, easy to scratch, × 2420㎜), it will not break even under the huge external force impact, and it can withstand any sound impact from sports sound and all kinds of sports places.</p> <p> Good physical stability, will not be due to changes in temperature and humidity expansion and contraction. Let the perfect decorative effect from beginning to end without leaving any traces of repair. Good decorative effect Panhoo wall cladding in south africa flame-retardant polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels have more than 10 kinds of colors, you can spell into a variety of patterns. Surface shape of a flat, square (mosaic), wide, thin strips. Sheet can be curved into a curved shape. </p> <p>Can make indoor shape design more flexible and rich decorative effect. Decorative art prints can even be photocopied on a Panhoo flame retardant polyester acoustic panel. Fire performance Theater, song and dance halls, auditoriums, multi-purpose hall, gymnasium and other public gathering places decorative sound-absorbing materials, fire performance is essential. Panhoo flame-retardant polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels by the National Fire Test Center of the fire parameters of the test results showed veranda view by bm that the fire has a good performance</p>