<P>Solid wood flooring, the main choice is some of the Quercus oak (oak), borneol, pear, tea dogwood, ash, teak, birch wood and other mainly through the finishing process, the market once the chaotic mark, the name Bizarre, as well as fake and shoddy hybrid meantime, what golden grapefruit, gold does not change, rich wood, so that customers are true and false, good or bad. So when buying, mainly depends on its rating. Sub-standard AA floor, A-level, B-level three levels, AA-level highest quality.</P>
<P>Moisture content of wooden flooring is essential, the moisture content of the purchased floor must be consistent with the local equilibrium moisture content. Be sure to measure the moisture content of the floor, if there is no moisture meter, do not buy the floor. Balance moisture content determination method is very simple, first in the showroom to determine the moisture content of the purchased varieties, and then test the moisture content of the purchased species of wood flooring, if the two moisture content difference of only 1% -2%, then the qualified product.</P>
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