<P>Floor coverings pay attention to "opportune" days means sunny weather, it is best to install in about 7 days are sunny, no rain; location is asked not to dry before installing the floor on the ground; that is human must Find professional workers for your installation of the floor. At the same time, under the floor covered with a professional moisture-proof mats to prevent the floor from damp. In particular need to be reminded that, within 48 hours after the floor finish, to avoid walking and placing heavy objects, leaving sufficient time for the floor adhesive. Just paved the best floor with a vacuum cleaner or broom cleaner.</P>
<P>Whether it is light or matte paint floor, the selection should pay attention to observe the floor surface paint film is uniform, plump, smooth, no paint and other defects, bubbling, holes, collapse phenomenon is beyond the national standard.</P>
<P>As many low-cost and low-priced brands are unable to process environmentally safe materials for flooring products, the residues of large quantities of formaldehyde and toxic and harmful substances may cause potential health risks to infants and pregnant women. Therefore, when consumers purchase, Must pay attention to check whether the product meets environmental requirements.</P> "6ft reclaimed fence panel,waterproof plywood for boats,cheapest place to buy decking "