<p>foam wall partition board is a kind of partition board, which is based on industrial and agricultural solid waste around the fly ash, coal gangue, quartz sand, tailings sand, rice bran, straw, cotton stalks, sawdust and other raw materials, Made of partition panels, widely used in home life, let's work together to understand the seven characteristics of lightweight cement foam partition panels. 1, fire-resistant: </p>
<p>wall fire-resistant time up to 5 hours, the backfire surface temperature of only 46 degrees. 2, high strength: By adjusting the space plate thickness and built-in skeleton, the floor carrying capacity of 2.5-5.0KN / m2, the roof carrying capacity of 1.0 ~ 5.0KN / m2. 3, thermal insulation, energy saving: wall thickness = insulation thickness, and China's existing building wall energy-saving technologies are used </p>
<p>in addition to the insulation wall approach. 4, light: the weight of the space board building only masonry or cast-in-place structural building 20%, weight saving 80%. 5, noise: 120mm thick Sound insulation coefficient: �� 45 (dB), by adjusting the thickness of the board, the thickness of the surface, noise performance easily achieve more than 60 (dB). 6, Hydrophobic: Space board unique cement foam core </p>
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