<p>look bigger. The texture of the floor is simple but not simple, and the mountain texture is clear and tactile. Antique seven really look high grade, suitable for the production of European furniture. Surface matte treatment, enhance the wear resistance of the floor. Flame - retardant test No flame retardant floor is like a piece of wood, once lit, only by burning the fate of guide introduction said seven trust this with </p>
<p>flame retardant floor level with B1, and its surface is three two aluminum oxide wear-resisting layer, somewhat similar to the fire board, flame retardant is no problem. Test summary Everyone wants a quiet home, can occasionally lively but not noisy, voice is a very magical thing, can make you irritable, can also let you quietly indulge. Today we evaluated the seven true composite floor on the sound of the article, </p>
<p>it uses the floor light sound technology, a 2 mm light pad is about "music" and "noise" distance. Noisy footsteps can also play pure music. But the size of the floor is single, not too many options. Enterprise introduction: Seven trust Group was founded in 1995, registered capital of 450 million yuan, headquartered in Shanghai, is the largest wooden flooring enterprise in China. As an enterprise engaged in the </p>
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