<p>closed-cell structure, closed cell rate greater than 95%, water absorption of less than 2.5%, so it has good hydrophobicity. 7, Durable: safe service life of 50 years, and the same life of the building without changing the life cycle. Lightweight cement foam partition wall seven performance characteristics, over home to share here, I hope you understand the lightweight cement-foam wall panels help, for more </p>
<p>knowledge of decoration materials, please continue to pay attention Home improvement network.Lightweight wallboard is short for lightweight partition board, according to the section structure is divided into hollow slats, solid slats, composite slats; divided by component type common plate and shaped plate; below we understand light wall Board classification and advantages. First, the hollow slats (code: K) </p>
<p>Cement as a bonding material, industrial slag, fly ash, pozzolan, polypropylene fiber, foam perlite, etc. as additional material, plus chemical additives by mixing, mold casting Products, and according to the length of the project cut length, and then used in buildings. This product has the advantages of light weight, fire prevention and low cost. The disadvantage is the connection need to add grid and secondary </p>
<p>2 ft plastic fencing<br />
aluminum wood grain cladding<br />
building decks from landscape timbers</p>